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At BIQE, we believe in working with the changes in time and technology. With the piling up of resources, cases, IP registrations and challenges faced every day in the legal world we give you CLICK IPR; a management partner for your Law firm.

It can be a tedious task to constantly update and maneuver with the IP laws of every country. CLICK IPR comes with a country engine of over 200 countries, information on laws and procedures can now be accessed with a simple click of a button. Our dream to simplify Legal process is now your reality. You cannot make mistakes because CLICK IPR will not let you make them. Legal processes have never been simpler, manage your worldwide IP portfolio with CLICK IPR; All you have to do is ‘CLICK’.

Founded by Lawyers, CLICK IPR houses everything you need under one roof, from Trademarks, Patents, Billing, and Litigation etc. You needed a solution? We are giving you one! A one-click solution for simplifying legal proceedings along with providing an enhanced social platform for the lawyers to connect with their clients. CLICK IPR is the needle in a haystack you were looking for to solve all your cases.

Key features

We aspire to fill the gaps in the legal community with our simplified technological solutions.

Most Innate IP Management Software

CLICK IPR manages all your resources and organizes them in an easy orderly fashion.

  • Easy to Learn and Easy to Implement
  • A tool that manages all types IP Files under one roof
  • Cost Effective and Better Productivity through Collaboration.
Afraid of Missing Deadlines?

CLICK IPR lets you manage and access all the deadlines across the entire firm. Never fear the risk of missing a deadline again.

  • Get calendar notifications about hearings which are updated automatically or can be done manually to always keep you updated.
  • Extensive Docketing Features with capabilities to docket files for action
  • Manage Client and Statutory deadlines separately for efficient working.
Updates Related your Matters

CLICK IPR keeps an eye on all of your matters. Never forget or make a mistake again, cause this interface will not let you.

  • Providing access to all matter-related information and communications in a central location from a single interface
  • Alerting attorneys and staff when a new file has been assigned to them
  • Securely upload notes and files related to the matters

We think there is nothing like the experience – but you be the judge.

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