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At BIQE, we believe in making operations and management simple. We change with the time and adapt with the latest advances in technology. Human resource management is vital to any organization and we at BIQE understand that importance, with years of experience in the Legal and Technological industry, we present you HRM; a management tool for you HR environment.

To meet the demands of the market a business environment can often get chaotic and turbulent. Organizations constantly need to move towards innovations to improvise on business strategies. At BIQE, we took a step towards the innovation and a step ahead of the curve to bring you a Human resource Management tool. HRM supervises all employee activity from absences, attendance, leave approval etc. It can handle and assign requests for IT related complaints, Stationery needs, Office requirements etc. It manages and keeps an update on your consumables and office supply. Often see your HR Department working on the clock? Not anymore! HRM is your one-click solution for in-house or organizational level business environment. Start building your organizations culture now! Start building it with HRM!

Key features

We aspire to fill the gaps for every working sector with our pioneering work in simplified technological solutions.

Most Innate HR Management Software

HRM manages all your resources and organizes them in an easy orderly fashion.

  • Easy to Learn and Easy to Implement
  • A management partner assisting in organizing your institutions resources.
  • Cost Effective and Better Productivity.
Employee Management done Easy

HRM lets you manage and access all employee related information and helps you keep a track on their activity.

  • Track the time of working hours of every employee. Employees can apply for leave and track them as they get approved.
  • Capture attendance and timesheet data of every employee to enhance productivity and efficiency.
  • Know your co-workers with employee personal information system. Employees can add their necessary details and display them publicly.
Inventory Management

HRM keeps an eye on all consumables and supplies bought. A perfect way to track your organizations supply and demand.

  • View and track all the office supplies and consumables bought and their expenditure. Know your supply and meet their demand while maintaining your financial books.
  • Employees can put in requests for supplies and consumables that they would require.
  • Employees can put in complaints or issues that they have regarding the work culture and IT related issues etc.

We think there is nothing like the experience – but you be the judge.

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